Engineering Verifications

Engineering Verifications


Curtain Wall with all it’s components is a complex system especially for high rise buildings.

Following the initial design an engineering study should be carried out to verify that the Curtain Wall System meets with certain building physics requirements such as:

- Structural Requirements

As a result of orientation in architecture towards complex structures wind load codes became limited to simple structures and a new wind load analysis methods developed.

Using these CFD methods it is possible to predict wind loads for different locations of coplex building.

Since the new geometrical appereance wind load study became a must to determine wind load diagrams in specific cases.

These loads are used commonly in structural calculations and

- Stress Analysis

- Deflection Analysis

- Support Analysis

- Seismic Analysis are carried out.

-Thermal Requirements

Thermal Analysis are resulted from required climatic conditions within the building to ensure specified comfort conditions. Thermal Analysis are often practised to predict thermal conditions of the total system such as:

- Calculation of U value for the system as well as it’s parts.

- Condensation analysis and surface temperature estimation

- Heat transfer conditions and thermal bridges.

As in common practice these calculations are also made using CFD methods and simulational softwares such as “Flixo” are often used.

- Acoustical Requirements

As a result of differenciation in building type and the noice sources, acoustical requirements are also differing.

Sound Insulation Prediction is carried for different layers of the system components and Rw value in Decibel is predicted. These values also are found usinf computer aided methods such as Insul etc.

- Glazing Requirements

Innovations in “Glazing Indusry” led diffrent types of glazing with different properties and Glazing Performance study became very important for Curtain Wall Systems.

In fact glazing performances are principal performances that impacts on curtain Wall systems.

Requirements for glazing obliges designers to carry out serious studies for glazing type selection.

Especially for double glazing units determination of Pane Thicknesses, Thermal value, Light Transmission, Shading Coefficient, Reflection value are important in selection.

These calculation and related assesments are carried out within Alce Engineering premises by Technicians.

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